About TechniFest

Our Mission

It is our goal to become your source for fast and economical industrial electronic service.
Our business is to keep YOU in business!

A Brief History

Location & Services Expansions

  • 1989

    TechniFest is a fast growing industrial electronic service business which originated in Nepean, Ontario in the spring of 1989.

  • Gloucester

    Our services soon outgrew that location, and we expanded to a new office in Gloucester Ontario.
    TechniFest was supplying several major companies with Printed Circuit Board artwork and design, as well as maintaining a host of industrial electronic equipment.

  • Tower Cranes

    Construction crane (Tower Cranes) control circuitry and construction elevators in and around Ottawa were serviced by TechniFest until the eventual sale of the crane company. Also, everything from CNC milling machines, food production, woodworking equipment, dental laboratory equipment, dynamic balancers, conveyor systems, power supplies and most other commercial electronic equipment is being maintained by our staff.

  • Ottawa Valley

    In 1994, another expansion saw the re-location of the central office to the heart of the Ottawa Valley. This move came with several new initiatives along with a greater focus in the field of Industrial Electronic Services. The Printed Circuit Board design department of TechniFest was phased out, and higher priority was placed in the automation field to include PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) programming and installations.

  • Leading Edge Training

    Our continuing growth in the service field further expanded to include servicing devices from across Canada with respect to our service contracts for national companies. Our staff remains current on the latest technological advancements and stays abreast of the ever evolving electronic climate by attending courses and seminars hosted by leading edge companies such as OMRON, National and others.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    Our design software includes the latest version of CircuitMaker 2000 so that all of our circuit design projects can be tested in the “real world” environment while maintaining a tight control of end user costs. We boast a long list of national and international suppliers so that even hard to locate components and parts are readily available.

Our Core Values


Our high level of service is directly related to our high level of education. We recognize that training is never done. With the ever changing market, our staff frequents manufacturer training courses to stay up to date.


Our experience with industry standard brands allows us to trouble shoot your equipment. Our experience continues to grow since we started in 1989.


We use top level test equipment on location and at our service centre to provide you with the best possible service.


While we recognize the importance of our education, experience, and equipment, we know that you won’t be satisfied without anything less than our excellence in service.

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