Electric Motor Service

Electric motors and control techniques are a large and interesting part of our service. Our staff is trained in troubleshooting both AC and DC motors.

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AC Motors

Typical AC motors include such types as single-phase induction, split-phase induction, capacitor start, repulsion start, poly-phase induction, and synchronous and asynchronous generation.

DC Motors

DC motors have their own characteristics but require the same skills and experience to properly test and service.

Motor Control Systems

Motor control systems include pulse width modulation, triac control, variable frequency inverters, SCR controllers, logic circuit speed controllers and other methods. Proper testing and knowledge of the various methods of control is critical in troubleshooting and repairing motor problems. We keep our staff up to date in all the latest advances in motor control techniques including precision oriented stepper motors, allowing us to offer you the most knowledgeable and cost effective repairs available.

Motor Braking Systems

We also service motor braking systems, such as solenoid braking, dynamic braking, and motor reversing.

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