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Whether it involves troubleshooting, modifying, or creating a program to meet your needs, we at TechniFest offer the most direct route to accomplishing your goals.

PLC Training

Our highly trained service personnel keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of automation by attending courses and seminars offered by the leading manufacturers of programmable logic controllers. Our staff is trained in the intricacies of program development and deployment.

PLC Experience

Our experience with Allan Bradley, Omron, Eagle, GE Fanuc, Automation Direct and other manufacturers allows us to troubleshoot your circuitry by following the program flow during run conditions and/or modify your ladder logic to meet with your needs.

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PCL Online Programming

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    Programming for your PLC can be handled directly by our programming department. In most cases all that we require is an overview of the program or modification you wish to implement to allow our expert staff to create the required code. Uploading to your PLC can often be achieved remotely.

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    Cost Savings

    We strive to maintain a very close liaison with our customers to ensure total satisfaction in minimal time. This results in cost savings to you. Our goal is to have your production up and running in the most efficient and cost effective manner while maintaining our professionalism and meeting industry standards for safe operation of automated equipment.

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    Dedication to Training

    Our programming staff frequents manufacturers training courses for the more popular lines of PLC's on the market. It is this dedication that we at TechniFest pass along to our customers.

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