Printed Circuit Board Repairs

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Save By Repairing Instead of Replacing

Our highly trained and reputable service department is by far one of the best in the industry. Service to printed circuitry is carried out with years of experience in circuit design, component testing and board level repairs. The cost savings of this type of service versus original manufacture replacement boards is incredible.

The 1, 2, 3s of Superior Repairs

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    Test Gear

    TechniFest uses the latest technology in test gear.

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    Service Location

    Should our field service technician determine a fault in a printed circuit, the board is removed and repaired at our service location. This allows the repair to be done under stringent guidelines and in a proper environment.

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    Replacement Components

    If component replacement is required, the original components, unless obsolete or unavailable, are used. A complement of components are stocked by our service department, but because of the wide range of devices serviced by TechniFest, exclusive lines of supply have been established with major distributors allowing for the fastest sourcing and delivery of components in the market.

Service Location

Our high degree of technological support in our repair location allows our service department in most cases to test your circuit board under operating conditions prior to reinstallation. This great time and cost saving method should be self evident to even the most cost conscious management team in industry. Circuit designs and conditional testing can often be performed on both new and existing circuits by our highly skilled technical service personnel employing the latest in test equipment. The results of these tests are then carefully examined to ensure that no component is subjected to voltages or current exceeding the manufacturers specifications. Our circuits are quality control checked on an individual basis following repair or design to ensure the highest standard of service.

Service Tracking

All service work on circuit boards are tracked and recorded for your history records.

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