Colour Values for Resistors and Capacitor Codes

1st Color Band: First Significant Figure

2nd Color Band: Second Significant Figure

3rd Color Band: Decimal Multiplier

4th Color Band: Tolerance

eg. Resistor color reads: Brown, Black, Red, Silver

1st Significant Figure : 1

2’nd Significant figure : 0

Multiplier: 102

Tolerance: 10%

For a resistor value of 1000 ohms with a tolerance of 10%.  








Black 0 1 20
Brown 1 10 1
Red 2 102 2
Orange 3 103 3
Yellow 4 104 4
Green 5 105 5
Blue 6 106 6
Violet 7 107 7
Grey 8 108 8
White 9 109 9
Gold 0.1 5
Silver 0.01 10
No Color 20

Tolerance color other than gold and silver for capacitors only.

Capacitor Codes


Mica Capacitors


Colour Code

The first dot on a mica capacitor is White to indicate EIA six dot code. It may also be Black for military code. In either case, read the capacitance in picofarads from the next three color dots. The fifth dot will indicate the tolerance. (See chart above for tolerance color codes.) The sixth dot indicates classes A to E of leakage and temperature coefficients,. The maximum rating for DC working voltage is generally 500 V.

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